Ryan R. Rosario, Ph.D.

Data Scientist | Machine Learning Engineer | Lecturer | Consultant

Outside of work, my two biggest hobbies are hiking and mountain biking. I picked up both interests while living in Mammoth, but I have branched out and hike and bike in other areas now as well. I have not been able to get into backpacking, so I have to limit myself to a maximum of 20 miles roundtrip for a day. I occasionally snowshoe in the winter.

I am also an aviation geek.

During the summer, you can usually find me riding my bike at the Mammoth Mountain Bike Park or on other Eastern Sierra trails.

Riding around Saddlebag Lake, near the eastern (Tioga Pass) entrance to Yosemite. My bike.
After a minor crash. The best part of hiking is wildlife. Lillium parvus, Eastern Sierra tiger lily.
Rainbow Falls with an actual rainbow. Lots of connections with the Pacific Crest Trail and John Muir Trails.